Print mugs, Cuddly Toys, and More Beneficial Promotional Gift Ideas

As far as promotional gifts are concerned, along with print mugs, cuddly toys and pens appear to not only be the most popular, but also the most beneficial promotional gifts from a business standpoint, helping businesses all over the world increase their profits and their client base as a result. You’ve probably seen various advertisements on the TV, usually for some insurance company it has to be said, offering their customers free cuddly toys in exchange for using their services. Promotional gifts are very powerful sales tools and are certainly highly beneficial if used correctly. Here we’ll be taking a look at the three most popular and most effective promotional gifts, and looking at exactly what it is that makes them so beneficial.

Print mugs

First on the list we’ll be taking a look at print mugs. Print mugs are ideal because, let’s face it, we all know countless individuals that look a nice mug of tea or coffee in the morning, or evening, or at midday, or at any other point of the day for that matter. By offering print mugs to your customers, you’re essentially providing them with a business card, with the added bonus of it actually being used, rather than crumpled up in somebody’s wallet or pocket. You can have your company name, logo, and contact information printed on the mug itself, so that way, whenever the recipient of the mug uses it, not only are they reminded of your company, so too are anybody else who happens to take a look at it.

Cuddly Toys


print mugsWe’ve had monkeys, Meerkats, robots, and much more, offered to us by insurance companies, electrical companies, energy providers, beverage suppliers, and more. Even though we haven’t mentioned any names, there’s a good chance you know exactly which companies we’re talking about, which just goes to show how beneficial these promotional gifts can be at creating brand awareness. By offering cuddly toys to your customers, you can help do the same by increasing your brand awareness, whilst providing a useful and enjoyable product in the process. Kids will love them, as too will adults. You could even think about a variety of different cuddly toys, as that way customers may be more inclined to start a collection in an attempt to collect them all, which will increase your sales and brand awareness as a result. Make sure to include your company name, logo, and contact details on the toy, perhaps on a T-shirt he or she happens to be wearing.


Not as exciting as cuddly toys or print mugs, but still very functional and useful, and very cost effective as well. Creating a series of these pens costs very little, yet they will function as a business card and piece of marketing and advertising, with the benefit of again serving a purpose, which means they will be less likely to end up being thrown in the bin.



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