Why Give Custom Printed Mugs as Promotional Giveaways

When you are searching for ideas for promotional giveaways for your business, you need a solution that is both effective for promoting your brand as well as one that will not cut deeply into your budget. There are many different ideas you may have thought about such as stationery and printed caps and apparel, but there are few ideas that are as effective as custom printed mugs. Custom designed mugs are indeed not just a great idea for promotional giveaways; they are a gift idea that can be used for friends, family members, and even for schools.

When searching for a way to effectively promote your brand or company that is inexpensive yet effective, custom printed mugs come out as one of the most popular and cost-effective solutions. Promotional giveaways should be useful objects and not things that are simply put away in a drawer and forgotten about. Mugs will never be thrown away, and they will rarely find their way to the back of the cupboard; they will be used either at home or in the work environment. To ensure your mug takes centre stage in the office or home, choose a design that really stands out or a unique shape or size of mug.

Custom print mugs are a great way to carry on silently promoting your brand long after your open day or trade show has finished; with your logo and website clearly printed on you mugs the recipient will be reminded of you and your business each and every time they go to take a sip of their tea or coffee. The trick to designing custom printed mugs that really stand out from the crowd is to use a bold design, and one that will simply not be allowed to blend in with a whole stack of other mugs in the cupboard or on the shelf.

custom printed mugs

Custom print mugs can be ordered online, and with the design of your choice being printed on the mugs with the highest quality printing techniques, your mugs will be appealing and stand out from the crowd. Having your logo printed on mugs is akin to giving out a business card to all your clients; except that your mug will not be folded up and put away in a wallet or simply thrown in the nearest bin.

It is a well-known fact that people love to receive things for free; giveaways show you to be generous as well as serious about your business and brand. Ordering custom printed mugs however is not an expensive business when you order in bulk; so a small amount spent in the outset can bring in huge rewards and returns.

When you own a business and you want it to be a true success you must be prepared to put in many hours advertising your service or product and constantly updating your customers with your latest ideas and products. When you use custom printed mugs as one of your marketing angles you will be constantly reminding your client base about your company, encouraging your customers to check back at your website or to visit your store to see what you have on offer and what you latest designs and ideas are.

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