Teddy by Post, Mugs, and Fridge Magnets

These days, sending a teddy by post, purchasing a personalised mug, or simply picking up a novelty fridge magnet has never been easier thanks to the internet, yet many of these gifts, despite being sent with the best of intentions, simply fall short and quickly end up in the back of the cupboard or wardrobe gathering dust, never to be seen again. The reason for this is that often times these gifts simply don’t have any real novelty factor or appeal about them, and as a result the recipients of them just don’t really care. Obviously, although a number of adults collect teddy bears, when talking about gifts such as a teddy by post or a fridge magnet, the recipient in question will be a child.

To help their students show a keener interest in their school, and indeed in education in general, many schools are now offering parents the chance to purchase school-related gifts from them to present their children with, as well as offering certain products as rewards and incentives for good behaviour and impressive attendance etc. Rather than a basic plastic biro with the school logo printed upon it, here’s a look at a few of the main school-related gift and reward ideas being offered by schools to pupils and parents all over the country.

Personalised Teddy Bears

Let’s face it, kids love teddy bears which is why so many schools are choosing to order a teddy by post complete with their school logo and contact information printed upon it, which can then be offered to pupils and/or parents. These teddy by post products can be personalised ahead of time and can be ordered to spec based upon the school’s requirements. Some schools go ahead and order a teddy by post that is dressed in a replica outfit of the school’s uniform as if he or she were a cute furry little student at the school.

Others go with a more subtle approach and perhaps have them wearing a single tone t-shirt with the school’s logo printed upon it. Not only are these personalised teddy bears appealing for young children, they also serve as effective marketing tools as well, acting as a form of cuddly business advertisement for the school in general. Attendance bears for example, are proving especially popular as they’re used as a rewards system by schools to reward students for outstanding attendance during term time. They’re especially popular amongst young students and serve as a far better form of motivation to keep up the good work than a simple certificate or gold sticker.

teddy by post

Printed Mugs

Remember, not all students are young enough to benefit from a cuddly toy and instead, perhaps a more apt school-related gift may come in the form of a printed mug instead. These are pretty self-explanatory gifts but they go down a treat with older students and with parents alike, especially if you go with a good sized mug. These mugs are again printed to the school’s specifications and can come in a variety of different sizes and colours. If your school uniform colours are black and blue for example, a light blue mug with a black logo printed proudly and prominently on the front will look especially effective. Again, if you’re going for a more subdued effect, a basic white mug, your school name, logo, and relevant contact info will still work incredibly well. A quick tip as well: Always try to order the large mugs as you know how much we love a nice mug of tea or coffee, and not only that, but the larger the mug, the clearer your name and logo will be to other people.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are actually highly collectible and are far more popular than many people would ever originally have realised. With school-related fridge magnets, one popular idea that more and more schools are getting on board with, is to go ahead and create fridge magnets with term dates printed upon them. These items are ideal for bust parents and help clear up any discrepancy regarding school holidays, bank holidays, and inset days etc, once and for all. Think about it, we use the fridge every day, so sticking a term date fridge magnet to your fridge door is a great way of keeping up to date on term times. Besides which, if you’re not sure whether or not your child is pulling your leg about an “inset day” the school “forgot” to remind you off previously, rather than asking other parents or phoning the school, you can instead simply glance over at your handy fridge magnet.

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