The Best Idea Designs for Personalised Teddy Bears UK

Few gifts have a truly special meaning for many gift givers. Rings, flowers and cards are all tried and tested gifts that are understood by all as having a special weight when they are given as gifts. And certainly that can be said for that timeless classic, the teddy bear. For generations, around the world, the humble teddy has been a popular toy and gift. Symbolising everything from happy birthdays to a get well soon, there is almost nothing that giving a teddy bear can’t represent.

One option for giving the gift of a teddy is choosing personalised teddy bears UK. Many bears that are purchased in shops are one of a thousand or one in tens of thousands. They don’t feel very personalised and feel quite generic. By personalizing a teddy bear, the meaning in the small stuffed animal becomes much deeper. There are so many choices in bear designs and sometimes keeping a clear idea in mind of that personalised design may be easier said than done. The choices are endless.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when designing your bear. Following the points to remember will help anyone create the perfect bear for any occasion.

An image goes a long way. When a personalisation teddy bear shop offers to print an image on a teddy bears’ clothing, or somewhere on the teddy bear itself, create or choose the best image for the job. This doesn’t always mean just text, although text is important. An image has to be something that incorporates the meaning of the gift and why it is being given. The image doesn’t need to have a huge array of colour as simple is best. Some great ideas to consider on the personalised teddy bears UK shirts that are memorable are baby footprints or hand prints, or children’s artwork.

The text is the next thing to consider. Sure, it is important to include that I love you on the text when you are indeed giving the bear to a loved one but there are so many other ways to express such an emotion through a few simple words that are carefully chosen by you and expressed from the heart.

personalised teddy bears UK

Check the resolution. For any images uploaded for use on your bears’ clothing or the bear itself, you should always have a high resolution. Today, most photo editing software can help in that department. Having a high resolution on any picture will make sure that the image will be crisp and clear when it is printed.

Check the safety standards of the bear. To ensure that you are purchasing the very best and safest toy, always check whether or not the company you are buying from follows the guidelines laid out in the European Toy Safety Standards.

There are going to be many bear designs to choose from along the way, so checking out the many choices of personalised teddy bears UK might help give some extra ideas to creating the perfect bear.

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