Custom bears – Four Fantastic Occasions to Give Them

Custom bears have been popular for a number of years now, decades in fact, and arguably, in times of smart technology, next gen games consoles, social networking, and online movie streaming on demand, they’re still considered incredibly popular gifts. This is despite the fact that in comparison with various products and gadgets, some of which we listed above, they’re simple in design. As they say however, simplicity is the key, so perhaps that is one of the reasons why custom teddy bears are so very popular. Custom gifts in general, have grown in popularity over the years, which is in fact due mainly to the growth and advancement of internet technology. Thanks to certain websites, customers can create custom made gifts from the comfort of their own homes, whilst barely lifting a finger in order to do so. Custom bears remain at the top of the list however, and for that reason we’ll now take a look at just four fantastic uses for these cuddly pieces of happiness.

As gifts for children

Some children’s gifts and toys have certain novelty factors that tend to quickly wear off. One year a certain product may be vastly popular amongst young children, and the next it will be forgotten and discontinued from sale. One child’s toy however, that has withstood the test of time for hundreds upon hundreds of years is the cuddly teddy bear. Children loved playing with teddy bears before TV was invented, and they enjoy playing with them now, with TV’s smart, phones, tablets, and much more now very much a part of everyday life. For that reason, getting your child a custom bear, or custom bears as a gift is a guaranteed way of putting a smile on their face, and providing them with countless hours of fun. In fact, some of your older relatives may still be in possession of teddy bears they were given as children, so your gift could potentially become incredibly sentimental several decades down the line.

custom bears

As romantic gifts

Another very popular use for custom bears is to give them to your partner as a romantic gift. Obvious occasions that immediately spring to mind are Valentine’s day, and on anniversaries as well. The great thing about custom teddies is that you can customise them to your own specifications and requirements, which is one of the main novelty factors that people love about these bears. If you have a romantic message for your partner for example, you can have this message printed on the bear itself, perhaps on an item of clothing that the bear is holding, or an accessory it’s holding, a love heart or a balloon maybe? You can go for subtle customisations such as “I love you” messages, or get a little more creative and include quotes, dates, or messages that have sentimental meaning to the recipient of your gift. You can even go all out and create a custom made humorous bear, dressed in silly, or even slightly risqué clothing or outfits.

For business purposes

Custom bears don’t just have to be used for fun, they can also be used for business purposes as well, and have the potential to make you a great deal of money in the process. Corporate or promotional gifts for example, have proven especially fruitful for businesses all over the globe, as not only does it help to increase brand awareness, it can also help increase customer loyalty, and provide a little additional advertising for you and your company as well. Say your company were to order a number of custom teddy bears, and have them wearing a T-shirt with your company name, logo, and contact details printed upon it. If you were to offer these bears as free gifts to your customers, your customers would appreciate this as we all love a freebie now and then, and on top of that, it will help drum up additional sales as well. Once presented with the bear, whoever sees it, will see your company name, logo, and contact details, essentially making it a furry business card or advertising billboard.

Hamper or stocking fillers

Around Christmas time we may look for smaller, yet still meaningful and enjoyable gifts which we can use as stocking fillers for those we hold near and dear to us. Often times you’ll find cuddy toys such as teddy bears in these stockings, so why not create a custom bear as a stocking filler, complete with a Santa hat and Christmas message maybe? When creating a hamper, again, a custom bear will make a very welcome addition, and will make a nice change for your usual flowers, chocolates, cheese and biscuits you find in many hampers these days.


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