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Personalised bears UK or personalised plush animals are an excellent way to send a heart-filled message to that special someone. If you want to tell your sweetheart that you love them, if you have a sick friend or family member and are looking for a get well gift or if you want to ask your girlfriend to the prom, consider a personalised plush bear.

Smiles are certain to accompany such a cute gift along with hugs and an appreciation that will last a lifetime.

Personalised bears UK that can be found online make wonderful centres of conversations when friends visit, or fun table centerpieces during baby showers and children’s birthday parties (they even make excellent gifts for a child’s birthday). Personalised bears can be used to promote a business as the logo of a company can be printed onto a teddy bears t-shirt and can be used in corporate events and displayed in an office. Everyone loves teddy bears and they can also help clients remember a company name when they look at the stuffed teddy wearing a t-shirt printed with a company logo.

personalised bears UK

Another great idea for personalised bears UK is an adoption gift or baby gift. Have a bears’ shirt printed with a child’s name and the date of the birth or adoption.  The birthday boy or birthday girl will love receiving a personalised teddy with their name and age to celebrate their special day.

The way to make a personalised teddy is to choose the base bear design from the choices available through a personalised teddy bear website or shop. Some bears have short fur while others have shaggy, some bears are washable and others are stuffed with fluff. The personalisation starts when this base choice is made. From here, a customer can begin the personalising of the bears’ t-shirts which often have their own message or picture. It is recommended that when uploading an image for the t-shirt or giving it directly to the personalising shop, the very highest resolution image should be used.

A teddy bear always has a special place in the hearts of its receivers. Ranking alongside rings, flowers and cards, the teddy bear is amongst the tried and tested gifts that are understood by all as having a special weight when they are given as gifts. For generations, around the world, teddy bears have been a popular toy and gift but it is only in recent years with the resurgence of the ‘do it yourself’ bear shops which are gaining in popularity around the world. Truly, the teddy symbolises everything from happy birthdays to get-well-soon and is always a cherished gift when received.

Designing a personalised teddy is a great idea for any occasion, and makes an excellent gift. There are so many things you can do with personalised bears UK that it is impossible to list them all. Use them to celebrate graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, or use them to tell someone that you care for them and that you are thinking about them.

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