Printed Mugs: The Things Your Coffee and Mug Say about You

printed mugs

The things you own can let other people understand or predict your personality. One of those things is your choice in printed mugs. On the other hand, the type of coffee you drink is also a good personality indicator. However, people have the tendency to misinterpret these things, and that often leads to bad impressions or misunderstandings. If you want to prevent that, you should read the things below.

Mug Colour

Colours have been associated with personality since time immemorial. The colour you choose represents your personality most of the time.
For example, if you pick a bright color for your mug, like red and yellow, it is possible that you are an extroverted, romantic, and friendly person.
On the other hand, if you pick feminine colors like pink, lavender, or white, you might be a dreamy, feminine, and shy person.

Printed Mugs Design

The design you will imprint on your mug is a total giveaway. Whatever is imprinted there is a telltale sign of your character.
It is obvious that you are proud of your school when you place its logo on your mug.
On the other hand, designing it with the name of your friends will make people immediately guess that you value your friendship.
And on a different note, a mug with no design at all will represent that you are not a fashionable person. In other words, you prioritise function over aesthetic properties.

Coffee and Personality Type

Black Coffee: You are a minimalist. And you are very sharp, and have a tendency to be always straight to the point.
Espresso: You are very energetic, but you tend to be moody.
Cappuccino: You are warm and caring. You tend to show your warm and cute side always.
Latte: You are typically indecisive, but you tend to emit a relaxing and calm aura.
Mocha: You are a romantic. You do not inhibit yourself in showing you are affectionate.

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