4 Unique Gifts Everyone Will Love

Tired of getting yet another ‘personalised’ mug with a company logo on it? So is everyone else. When it comes to giving unique gifts or souvenirs, it takes a little creativity to make the item unforgettable and significant.

Try some new twists on the usual personalisation techniques. Here are four ways to create one-of-a-kind unique gifts that won’t bore recipients.

valentines bearsExpress with a Teddy

Teddy bears are such universal gifts for kids and lovers that they somehow feel clichéd. To make a teddy gift truly personal, let it express a precious message via a printed shirt. It’s as easy as creating your message then having it printed on a cute teddy bear by a specialty shop.

Glam up Rollerball Pens

unique giftPens are a practical souvenir, but most of these are dull and boring because they’re printed with just company names and addresses. To glam these up, create an elegant monogram of the company or person, then have it printed on the pen for a classy look. Bonus tip: place each pen in a nice gift box and it becomes a tasteful gift in an instant.

Surprise with a Mug

Yes, customised mugs are common gifts, but with a little twist, they can become special. Instead of printing just the tired old logo-and-address combination, try featuring a nice memory, quotation, or even a joke related to the event. Then place a related memento inside the mug for an extra surprise.

Feature cherished work

This is probably the most unique gift ever. Pick a particular creation with a deep significance – a child’s sketch, a lover’s poem, a charity’s painting – then have it printed on the item to be gifted. It’s unique and meaningful for both giver and recipient.

For all of these, trust a gift store with great personalisation services. School Bears will’ll lovingly craft these gifts to make them truly special.

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