Nilaqua Waterless Foaming Alcohol & Allergen Free Hand Sanitiser

Nilaqua Desktop DispenserChild Friendly, Alcohol and Allergen Free Hand Sanitiser

Absolutely ideal for the Dining Room Queue and many other school situations.

Kind To Hands, Cruel to Germs!

Nilaqua’s Instant Hand Sanitiser is fast drying and proven to be effective (EN1500). Although it is a some what different product to our personalised bears, it is a superb product for all school children as it is alcohol-free, allergen-free and has a delicate jasmine fragrance

Kills 99.99% of germs and fungi and as Nilaqua is an alcohol free formula; it does not sting cuts or leave the skin dry and cracked.

Tested: EN12054, EN1650, EN13704, EN14476 & EN1500!

EN1500 is a European Standard, required by the NHS providing quality assurance as it is tested on real people.

Kills: MRSA, E-coli, and C-di­ as well as antibiotic resistant RSA and viruses, including H1H1 !

  • Kills 99.99% of germs
  • Alcohol free and allergen free
  • Quick drying & kind to hands
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating & non- flammable
  • Won’t dry the skin or sting abrasions
  • Won’t remove nail varnish or damage floors
  • Won’t be inhaled or consumed for recreational use
  • Leaves no oily / sticky residue
  • Delicate Jasmine fragrance

Cost Effective

Save water and energy – no need for metered water, sinks, hand dryers, or paper towels!

Nilaqua® is dispensed as a foam, not a gel or liquid. People typically pump the dispenser just once or twice per wash (700–900 washes /litre) whereas gels and liquid soaps get pumped 2-3 times per wash because they don’t leave as much in your hand (300-400 washes/litre). With liquid soap you can also add the cost of sinks, hot running water, hot air dryers / hand towels etc.

Nilaqua® is very economic as you only need to purchase the Refillable Cartridges & Hand Operated Dispensers ONCE, then just top up using the 5L or 1L Refills EQUIVALENT TO JUST £5 +VAT PER LITRE



nilaqua-sanitiser-starter-150x150Nilaqua – Alcohol and Allergen Free Hand Sanitiser Starter Pack

All you need to get started – One Hand Operated Wall Dispenser, One 1 litre Refillable Cartridge and one 5 litre Refill of Nilaqua Alcohol and Allergen Free Hand Sanitiser combined value £45.82 + VAT = £54.98

Starter Pack £41.65 + VAT = £49.98  giving you a saving of £5


nilaqua Dispenser2Nilaqua – Alcohol and Allergen Free Hand Sanitiser  Wall Dispenser

The Hand Operated Dispensers work with our 1 Litre Refillable Cartridges. All you have to do is fit the cartridge in the cavity of the dispenser and fill with our Nilaqua Alcohol free sanitiser refills.

Hand Operated Dispensers come with sticky pads as well as 3 screws and rawl plugs.

Wall Dispenser £12.50 +VAT = £15.00


Nilaqua Refillable CartridgeNilaqua  1Litre Refillable Cartridge

The empty Refillable Cartridge has a capacity of 1litre! Once purchased with the Hand Operated Dispenser all you need to do is keep topping up with either the 1L or 5L refill.

Refillable Cartridge £8.33 +VAT = £10.00

nilaqua 5L jerry can1Nilaqua  5 Litre & 1Litre Refills

These cost e­ffective refill bottles contain our Nilaqua  Alcohol and Allergen Free Hand Sanitiser, which kill 99.99% of germs like MRSA, C-di­ and E-coli. Use with 1 Litre Refillable Cartridge in Wall Dispenser.

1 litre refill £11.50 + VAT = £13.80

5 litre refill £24.99 + VAT = £29.99



nilaqua-sanitiser-60mlNilaqua  60ml Instant Foam Hand Sanitiser

The pocket sized sanitiser is ideal to keep in your car, handbag, at work and in the classroom – sanitise where you need it when you need it. Available in packs of 24

Nilaqua  60ml Instant Foam Hand Sanitiser  £2.49 +VAT = £2.99 each

Pack of 24 £55.59 +VAT = £66.71 giving you a saving of £5

NOW AVAILABLE  Nilaqua 500ml Desktop Dispenser Nilaqua Instant Foam Hand Sanitiser

Ideal for a classroom or supervised distribution situation – easily moved to where you need the protection for the children in your care.

£7.99 + VAT = £8.99 each

Orders subject to delivery charge of £15.00 + £3.00 VAT =£18.00

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